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Popular Mortgage launched online campaign to promote home financing

SAN JUAN – Starting Wednesday, Popular Mortgage will begin a social media ad campaign for social media titled “Mi Casa” (My Home) to make consumers aware that despite the tough economic times the bank has different products to help them buy a home.

Silvio López, first vice president and manager of Popular Mortgage, said that although the island’s 10-year recession has hit the real estate market hard, this is a good time to acquire a home and that the financial institution offers numerous products to help consumers reach the dream of buying a home.

“We want to reach the consumer,” he said.

Popular presents its message using an online series comprising eight episodes that can be viewed on social media and on The bank invested $700,000 on the online series.

Every two episodes, which will air Wednesdays, are about the story of Ana Isabel, a single mother who lives with her parents but is forced to move out after they decide to buy a new home near the beach. Ana Isabel moves in with her siblings, with whom she goes through different comedic situations before deciding to buy her own home with Popular Mortgage.

While the young mother starring in the series is an attorney with an excellent credit history, López said the bank has products for different socioeconomic levels and also educates those who do not qualify for financing. Although home sales in Puerto Rico have dropped about $12 million a year over a decade ago, the island still sells about 1,000 units a month, mostly because of the low interest rates.

“This is the ideal time to buy,” López added.

The “Mi Casa” series features well-known actors such as Camille Carrión, Modesto Lacén, renowned tenor Justino Díaz, Kisha Tikina Burgos, José Eugenio Hernández, singer Glenn Monroig, Oscar Guerrero, Katiria Álvarez and Nicolás Betancourt, among others.

Patricia Vigoreaux, assistant vice president of marketing for Popular Mortgage, said Tere Suárez’s ad agency designed the campaign’s concept while OCD produced and edited the project, which was directed by Paloma Suau. The firm, Contáctica, designed the digital strategy.

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